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2022 Abundant Life Printable Planner
2022 Abundant Life Printable Planner

2022 Abundant Life Printable Planner

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Use this Christian planner to plan your life with confidence and live the intentional life you crave. It's the perfect life-management tool for the busy woman who wants to live the promises of God in everyday life. 

This printable life planner helps you organize your life, live on purpose, and make room for what matters most.

The 170+ page planning system helps you work through the Pray, Plan, Do method in every aspect of your life.

Plus, it will help you reflect on where you are now, identify your obstacles, and create a biblical plan to help you move forward with God's help. 


This Christian planner features:

*Both 2022 calendars and undated calendars for your use year after year

* Yearly planning pages, monthly planning, week planning, and daily planning pages (in a variety of layouts so you can mix and match what planner format works for you)

*Home management checklists: cleaning routine planner, cleaning checklists, deep cleaning checklists, home project planner (and more!)

*Faith planner pages: Bible study, prayer requests, praises, biblical affirmations, favorite verse lists (and more!)

* Food and hospitality planner pages: menu planner, grocery shopping checklist, menu rotation, special events planner (and more!)

*Goal setting planner pages: yearly goals, quarterly goals, goal action plan, goal trackers (and more!)

* Financial planning pages: monthly budget planner, debt tracker, savings tracker (and more!)

* Routines and habit planner pages: priorities planner, routine planner, habit evaluation (and more!)

* Health planner pages: soul care planner, reading list, fitness tracker (and more!)

* Idea planner- the ultimate brain-dump and notes pages

If you're ready to move forward in your life and calm the chaos for good, this Christian planner will help you anchor your soul to the promises of God while taking small steps to where you want to be.


* This planner comes four popular planner sizes: 8 1/2 x 11, A4, A5, and classic disc-bound planner size.

You will have access to them ALL instantly upon purchase.

* Pro tips for printing and organizing your planner included.

* Please note, this is a digital product and nothing will be shipped to you.